CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our priorities for contributing to sustainable development

Reduce environmental impacts

  • Eco-design of lamps designed to be easily repaired
  • Durable product LifePo4 batteries with 3x more charge cycles than Li-ion
  • Ecological paintings without solvents or heavy metals and low temperature process
  • Circular economy: recovery of end-of-life lamps, reconditioning, re-injection on the market
  • LifePO4 batteries almost fully recyclable (no toxic heavy metals vs Li-Ion)

Promote diversity, inclusion and ethics

  • Assembly of battery packs in Adapted Companies employing people with disabilities
  • Ethical LifePO4 batteries (No cobalt, whose extraction channels are often questionable: child labor and corruption)

Support of local suppliers in France

  • Lamp design, manufacturing, CE testing
  • Design and assembly of electronic boards
  • Manufacture of lampshades, machining of composite parts, felt cutouts, screws
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly of lamps
  • Joinery