Customer reviews

We have collaborated with Obélie to create bespoke lamps with a unique design. We liked the technical skill and the careful execution.

Charging by induction is very convenient to use on a daily basis, the temperature of the warm white is just perfect, it’s neither too cold nor too hot and we appreciate the fact of being able to precisely and simultaneously dose the light intensity of all the lamps according to the light conditions in the room…

I recommend

Charles Meyer
Restaurant Sébastien Bras, Laguiole (12)

We have fitted out our room with Obélie lamps equipped with the remote control module. So we can modulate the light atmosphere table by table, create effects to accompany the show… It’s magic!

Patrice Chevalier
Le Grand Cabaret, Vieux-Berquin (59)

La recharge par induction est très pratique, tout devient plus facile et plus rapide. Pas de fil, pas de connecteur à brancher, ni aucune pane associée. Je pose, ça charge ! L’autonomie est au RDV et les lampes sont de qualité… Excellent produit !

Inès Chelly
Château de Montcaud, Sabran (30)