Partnership with designers Hanika Perez & Brice Genre for the creation of a lamp for “Maison Bras” le Suquet

As part of the complete renovation of the MAISON BRAS restaurant, OBELIE and A+B DESIGNERS worked together to create a remote controllable lamp that equips each table.

It is a mechanically welded metal structure which contains the electronics of the lamp, the LEDs, the battery and which supports a frosted glass, decorated with a leather ring which is used for transport.

Cooperation with the Portuguese artist JAS

The Portuguese artist João Alexandrino known as JAS was born in Porto / Portugal in 1981. He works in different artistic fields and activities, such as installations, video, painting, scenography and drawing.

As part of his projects, his work has been exhibited in several cities such as Hamburg (Germany), Rouen (France), Barcelona (Spain), Norway, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Maputo (Africa) etc.

The SIGNATURE model is the fruit of the collaboration between JAS and OBELIE; the lamp is composed of a foot in black thermo-lacquered stainless steel as well as a unique lampshade painted and signed by the artist It is also possible to make reproductions in limited series on a chosen theme.